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Modern Cloud Infrastructure


Built using cutting edge Digital Ocean Droplet technology with added smart touches to make managing your site simple.

Easy Website Migration


We provide a super easy migration plugin that will move your WordPress site to our servers easily. What’s more, we believe in site mobility so if you ever decide to leave, you can use the same tool to switch away. We can even help setup your domain or DNS too.

It's Great For Amatuers


Sometimes it can feel like hosting is over complicated. We have you covered with simple yet powerful hosting dashboards, automated reports right to your inbox and a friendly support service here to offer advice as well as help getting started.

Video Tutorials To Get You Started


New to WordPress? Take advantage of our easy to follow video tutorials baked into your website, helping guide you to success along the way.

Powerful Security Baked In


We take security seriously, with free SSL certificates and Web Application Firewall as standard. Plus our security plugin helps you harden your website, helps you add additional login security and scans the WordPress core and plugin files for anything out of the ordinary. All provided as standard, at no extra cost.

Optimised for Speed


Our optimisation plugins give you CDN hosting for your scripts, stylesheets and images along with options for page caching, asset & image compression and more. All of these combine to not only make your website load as quickly as possible, it also helps you serve more visitors by reducing the server resources and bandwidth needed for each of them.

Tools For Professionals


With our hosting you always get a dedicated virtual server, with dedicated vCPUs, memory and SSD Storage as well as object cache and IPV6 support. Plus you get SSH, SFTP, phpmyadmin, dns and php-cli. You can also upgrade or downgrade php versions with a few clicks. Plus access suitably geeky support for when you need a nudge in the right direction.

Ready for Ecommerce


Get building an online shop in no time with our e-commerce quick start website tool. It’ll create a new WordPress installation, pre-loaded with great tools to get you started.

Flexible Plans & Payment Options


Flexible plans and payment methods give you the control you need. Pay using credit/debit card or by Direct Debit and choose from flexible monthly plans you can cancel with just 30 days notice or longer plans that tie you in to a minimum term for a lower monthly price.

Premium Plugins Included


We provide premium plugins with all plans covering: SEO, Image Optimisation, Page & Asset Optimisation, Form Builder, Security, Email opt-in and Page Builder. All free of charge, all included in every plan.

Email Inboxes Included


Receiving emails shouldn’t be complicated. Nor should it be expensive. That is why we provide 10 free email addresses with all of our hosting plans. All you have to do is host your DNS with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Discounts with Loyalty Perks


Our Loyalty Perks scheme rewards our customers with discounts and our price lock guarantee. Take a look at the Loyalty Perks section below for more details.

Loyalty Perks

We believe loyalty shouldn’t cost you more. So not only do we roll out new plan features to our existing clients at no extra cost, we also offer exclusive savings as part of our Loyalty Perks. See the details below to learn more about Loyalty Perks.


Loyalty Perks members always pay less than the standard rate for new customers. The benefits include:

– 10% off Hosting Plans that have a minimum term.
– 15% off additional support and development services.
– Loyalty Perks Price promise.


Loyalty Perks is an automatic benefit of your Ed Moon Hosting Plan. As soon as it is active on your account you’ll get an email to introduce the benefits and how to claim them.

Loyalty Perks has to be enabled by customer support who will receive a reminder to add this to your account when you become eligible. As this is a manual process it may take up to 7 days to appear from when you become eligible.

If you haven’t yet received your Loyalty Perks welcome email or if you can’t wait 7 days from when you become eligible to get your perks, just get in touch with customer support.


When Loyalty Perks membership is added to your account you will gain access to the Loyalty Perks Portal on where you can sign up for additional plans at reduced prices.

If you want to upgrade or extend your minimum term to take advantage of the Loyalty Perks discounts, visit the Subscription Portal to manage or upgrade your hosting plan subscription or contact customer support who can make this change on your behalf.

Please note that Loyalty Perks discounts are not available when downgrading to a lesser hosting plan.


We believe loyalty should be rewarded. That is why we created our price promise for Loyalty Perks members. Exclusive benefits for Loyalty Perks members include:

– When upgrading, adding a new hosting plan or extending your minimum term you will always pay at least 5% less than the standard new customer rate on all plans with a minimum term.

– At least 5% off the standard customer rate for all additional services and many optional features. We exclude some optional third party plugins and services where we charge our customers cost price e.g. GSuite.

– If we reduce the standard pricing of any plan for new customers, we’ll also apply the new lower price to your next bill.

– All promotional rates for new customers are also open to Loyalty Perks members who take out a new plan, upgrade or extend their minimum term. However Loyalty Perks members can only benefit from either the promotional rate or the standard rate less Loyalty Perks discount, whichever price is lower.


The Price Lock

Prices for hosting plans can go up and down over time depending on the cost of providing the service. Our price lock gives Loyalty Perks members additional benefits when prices change.

For pay monthly customers without a minimum term

If the price of your hosting plan goes up, the existing price you pay will be locked in for 3 payment periods and after this period expires you’ll pay 5% less than new customers.

For pay monthly customers with a minimum term

If the price of your hosting plan goes up, the price you pay now will be locked in for 6 payment periods or until then end of your term, whichever is soonest. After this period expires you’ll pay 10% less than new customers.

For customers who pay upfront

The price of your plan is locked in for the duration of your term whether the price goes up or not. If you choose to renew at the end of your minimum term, you’ll benefit from 10% the current price for new customers.



In order to be eligible to join you must be a paying hosting plan client at Ed Moon Hosting. The eligibility period depends on the type of hosting plan you are on, take a look below for details.

If your hosting plan has a minimum term

You are eligible from 1 day after the first successful payment you make on your hosting plan until the last day of your hosting plan. For those paying monthly, this is your first monthly payment. For those paying upfront, this is from when full payment is received.

If your hosting plan is paid monthly with no minimum term

You are eligible from 1 day after the third successful monthly payment you make on your hosting plan until the last day of your hosting plan.


Eligibility ceases if you cease to be a paying hosting plan customer and which point you are no longer a member of Loyalty Perks and unable to claim the benefits of membership. Past members of the Loyalty Perks scheme can once again become eligible once they meet the eligibility requirements on a new hosting plan.

Employees of Ed Moon Hosting and members of the Friends & Family scheme are not eligible to join the Loyalty Perks Scheme.


Loyalty Perks Benefits cannot be used against your initial purchase of a hosting plan unless you choose to upgrade or extend the minimum term of your hosting plan after you become a Loyalty Perks member.

Loyalty Perks members can use member discounts on upgrades, renewals, additional services, additional hosting plans or when extending their minimum term. Members cannot use Loyalty Perks discounts when downgrading to a lower hosting plan.

Loyalty Perks discounts are only valid for periods where your service is active. If you cancel your hosting plan before it’s minimum term and a cancellation fee is due, no discount will be applicable to this fee.

Loyalty Perks Benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Members can only benefit from either promotion / offer pricing or standard pricing less Loyalty Perks discount, whichever costs least.

If you fail to claim your Loyalty Perks discount to a hosting plan or service, upon being notified of this error we will apply the discount to future payments on your hosting plan manually within 7 days. Loyalty Perks members are not entitled to refunds for discounts not claimed on any payment made up to to 7 days from the date and time of Ed Moon Hosting Support being notified via email, support ticket or live chat.

Included as standard

Some hosts give you the bare minimum. We help you cover the basics with great tech and powerful tools, included in every plan.

IMAGE optimisation

Use our plugin to compress your images and serve them over our super fast CDN**.


SEcurity hardening

With a Web Application and security plugin to scan files and harden your website.


asset optimisation

Use our speed plugin to compress and optimise your js and css files, plus serve them over our CDN.

video tutorials

New to WordPress? Access our great video tutorials right from within your website.

easy migration

Use our easy migration plugin to move your site to our servers easily and we are here to guide you.

Nightly backups

Should the worst ever happen, access 30 days of full nightly backups with a single click.


safe upgrades

Automatic plugin updates you are in control off with backups and notification if anything isn’t right.


easy staging

Create a new staging site and push it to your live site in a few clicks. Testing has never been this easy.

Advanced tools

Need IPv6, SSH, GIT, Composer, NPM, WP-CLI, SFTP or PhpMyAdmin? You got it! It’s your site after all.


basics covered

With got you covered with form builder, email opt-in & marketing, SEO and analytics plugins included.


SEO Tools

We include a powerful SEO Plugin at no extra cost to help you reach your audience.

a little helping hand

Free limited site support is included, so if you have any questions or need a hand, let us know.



We provide a page builder plugin as standard, so you can drag-and-drop your way to a super website in a few clicks.


We include 10 email addresses for each hosting plan when you use our free DNS name server.


We reward our loyal customers with discounts and other benefits with our Loyalty Perks scheme.

* Note that we won’t cap your site at any amount of visits. These are estimates of what a typical site can support on each plan. What your site can handle will vary based on the type of site, how efficient your theme and plugins are, and general traffic patterns.

** Image CDN is subject to a fair usage policy. See plan details for more information.